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Jonny Shimmin

Latest Book: Spoon – Simple and nourishing breakfast bowls that can be enjoyed any time of day

Publisher: Hardie Grant

Spoon Cereals is a breakfast cereal company founded by brother and sister-in-law, Annie Morris (advertising background) and Jonny Shimmin, (investment background) who believe breakfast should be celebrated.

Their premium granola products are made with high-quality ingredients and no added refined sugars. Their award-winning products are the result of testing their homemade recipes on thousands of people at food markets, music festivals and train stations.

Spoon is the brainchild of co-founder, Annie who has a love of granola and muesli. Working in a 9-5 job, she struggled to find a healthy and tasty bowl of breakfast cereal on her way to work. She knew there were many more people like her, who were also looking for something that was both satisfying, healthy and convenient for breakfast, which is how the idea of London’s first breakfast cereal pop-up came about.

Their big break came when they appeared on BBC’s Dragons’ Den in Spring 2014 and received investment from Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones.

 Since this time, the founders have taken Spoon from market stall pop-up to supermarket and independent retailer shelves nationwide.

The founders launched their first cookbook in October 2016, which includes is a collection of their own breakfast bowl recipe creations, as well as those from the wider creative community who they have been inspired by along the way.

Talk Subject 1

How to shake up the breakfast industry

From market stall pop-up to supermarket shelves, Spoon founders reveal the hurdles they’ve overcome in getting there.

Talk Subject 2

The importance of breakfast

Spoon reveal why they believe breakfast is important but needn’t be boring.

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