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Val Bourne

Latest Book: The Living Jigsaw

Publisher: Kew Publishing

Val Bourne is a celebrated garden writer, photographer and lecturer. She has won multiple awards including Journalist of the Year by the Garden Media Guild. She gardens on the wind-swept Cotswolds at Spring Cottage – high above Bourton-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire. Val is a hands on gardener and a committed plantaholic. She manages her third of an acre garden without using chemicals – something she has always believed in. Val’s talks are informative and funny.

Talk Subject 1

The Living Jigsaw

Wildlife - both flora and fauna - are in decline and gardeners want to help but aren’t always sure how to. Val’s talk, based on a twenty year study of how eco-friendly gardens work, demystifies the problem and shows that it is possible to have a lovely garden without resorting to chemical props. It reveals the secret life in your garden - showing lacewing eggs suspended from flowers for instance.

Talk Subject 2

Gardening with the Best Beloved

A light-hearted look at Val’s Spring Cottage garden on top of the Cotswolds in the wonderfully named village of Cold Aston. The cottage and garden were in disrepair, but a decade later the garden’s beautiful - and organic!

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