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Claire Farrington


Claire Farrington is a published blogger, speaker and Down’s Syndrome advocate. Two years ago, Claire was just an expectant mum with no knowledge or experience of chromosomal abnormalities.  Her son, Theo, born at 29 weeks, was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome and in that one moment her life took an unexpected path that she had never imagined.


A trained actress, Claire is dedicated to raising awareness of Down’s Syndrome. Claire talks passionately and with unflinching honesty about the initial trauma she felt at her son’s post-natal diagnosis but how the difficult, exhausting times after his birth have ultimately led her to a place of deep gratitude, joy, acceptance and a level of self-awareness she never knew before.

Claire’s inspiring talk reminds us of the importance of living in the moment, casting aside our rigid preconceptions about how life should pan out and how we all possess the inner strength to deal with unexpected situations that come our way.


Claire trained as an actress and presenter and founded her own theatre company, Net Curtains, which specialised in new social, political writing.  Currently, Claire works in partnerships and PR in the hospitality industry. Telling stories and communicating narratives has always been part of her professional life and now is part of her personal life.  She is dedicated to raising awareness of a disability that is under the glare of new NIPT testing and is in danger of being eradicated if attitudes are not brought up to date. Claire has recently spoken at The Best You EXPO at Kensington Olympia.

In The Media

Claire has appeared on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show, ITV’s This Morning and BBC1’s Abortion on Trial.  Her blog has also been featured in Mother & Baby magazine, The Daily Mail and the Evening Standard.

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