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Fiona Murden


Lively, intelligent, articulate, with gravitas and credibility based on 18 years of professional research and practise, Fiona Murden is on a mission. She wants to raise awareness of how a joined-up understanding of human behaviour can positively impact society and stop us from repeating the same mistakes again and again. The end goal? To make all our lives a bit better and ultimately create a better world.

Fiona believes passionately that psychology can be part of an everyday toolkit we have at our disposal to understand our own and others’ behaviour in order to positively influence it.

She works with CEOs and directors of multi-national companies, and prominent people from across different industries. Advising leaders at senior levels with organisations including Lloyds of London, BP, Burberry and Cadbury across the globe, Fiona has seen how one person’s behaviour can influence the outcomes of hundreds and even thousands of people either positively or negatively.

The Business Book Awards
book cover of Defining You, non-fiction book PR & publicity, READ Media

Fiona’s book ‘Defining You’ was published by Hodder & Stoughton in March 2018. It won the Self-Development category in the Business Books Awards 2019

‘Making Better Decisions: How understanding our psychology can stop us falling into the bias trap.’ co-authored with Professor Peter Kinderman, President of the BPS and Policy Advisor Kathryn Scott and presented at all of the political party conferences in October 2016.

‘The Brains Behind Business: Cutting Edge Neuroscientific Research and it’s Application to Business Psychology’ was recently published in Business Psychology in Action.


You, Your Brain and the world we live in

Understanding how the brain really works is a critical first step to both mental health and performance. This talk explores the high-level elements of the brain in an accessible way as a foundation from which to understanding yourself in more depth. Why self-awareness is so important and how to improve your own, and an understanding of what all these means in the world we live in.


The Psychology of Failure

  • Why we fear failure
  • How the brain responds to fear
  • What you can do to minimise the impacts on your own performance


Why knowing your self is the secret to your success

Today, the understanding that knowing ourselves is the cornerstone to realising our potential is backed by the experience of generations and robust scientific evidence. In fact, as psychologists we even believe that this skill is the foundation of human survival and advancement (Eurich 2017). More and more research is showing that it’s as important and in some cases more important to life success than IQ.

So when it comes to you - do you really know who you are? 95% of us think we do but research shows that reality is only 10-15% of us really do. This talk explores what that means, how we get it so wrong, what to do to get it right and what the many benefits are from better decision making, social skills to an improved ability to deal with pressure.

Knowing you, knowing me – self-awareness and why it matters for performance and mental health.


You Can Teach and Old Dog New Tricks

Are CEOs too set in their ways to learn to change behaviours? As a CEO do you even need to? What does it mean to be a leader in today’s fast paced and complex world?

All too often CEOs focus their energy on developing the senior team but not themselves, in part through a fear of moving away from the traditional model of leadership.

We will challenge the traditional view of what makes a good leader, which may not be helpful or sustainable in today’s world. We will explore the neuroscience behind good leadership and explain how the brain remains able to change and adapt whatever our age, dispelling the myth that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. We will discuss the impact of new styles of leadership, while still remaining connected, grounded, authentic and staying on top of the increasing demands of the world around us.


Curiosity and why it matters to success and happiness

How can we equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools to find a fulfilling carer and reach our potential? Fiona will lead you through an interactive workshop exploring the role of curiosity in career-decision marking.

Previous Talks

Just some of the places were Fiona has been asked to speak:

  • The Cabinet Office
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • AXA
  • London School of Economics
  • The Royal College of Surgeons
  • Institute of Directors
  • Selfridges & Co.
  • Nomura
  • EY Foundation
  • City Women’s Network
  • Red Magazine Smart Women’s Week
  • University of Westminster
  • School for CEOs
Feedback for Fiona's Talks

Thanks for organising last night's event. I thought it was very helpful and insightful and it very much met my expectations. I especially liked how honest Fiona and Jon were about their own story and in showing us that it is 'okay' to explore different options and to not have it all figured out yet. The cookies and coffee was really nice too - it created a very comfortable and nice atmosphere. Thanks again. For me personally it was very helpful and inspiring!

Student at LSE

I wanted to write and thank you properly for our session earlier this week. Both Jen and myself had numerous people approach us to let us know how much they valued the session and I think we hit just the right tone in terms of some provocative content that was more in depth and thought provoking than I think people expected !

Alex Snelling, Global People

On behalf of the WoMen @AxaXL Committee, we would like to thank you for speaking at our event yesterday. We have received some fantastic feedback– everyone really enjoyed it.

Ann Owen, AXA

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